Design solves problems.

Let me help you jump forward into your project, app or business idea in just a few days, through a design sprint inspired workshop. Hand in hand, we will understand the current issues you are dealing with, open a brand new eye upon them and come up with practical, easy-to-implement service design solutions.

A process as simple as short

Design sprints are time-boxed and manageable. You know where you are going, you know where your budget is.

A fresher look

Thanks to your knowledge and my expertise / methods, we will shed a new light on your issues and solve them efficiently.

Your project pushed further

Thanks to effectuation, ideation and design thinking, we will push the boundaries of your project even towards places you didn't think of yet.

How does it work?

Design sprint is an efficient method to tackle a specific issue and to quickly come up with a prototype ready to be tested by people. The first step is usually dedicated to understanding the project better and brainstorm over ideas, then these ideas are challenged, selected, to be eventually turned into prototypes. The last step consists in real-situation user tests and analysis of these tests.

What do you get?

The outcome of design sprints is rich in ideas and hypothesis. I commit to a minimum output of new approaches for your problem to a ready-to-implement, real-life prototype. Thanks to my 12+ years of experience in design / communication and sharp intuition, I will help you get the best out of your current projects.

Picture by Damian Zaleski